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“(the) gun was just pulled from the canal behind America’s most famous haunted house. It could change everything we thought we knew about the grisly murders that took place there 38 years ago.” Read the entire article here.

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CASE STUDY: Amityville Handgun Recovery

Aqua Survey was contracted by LA-based documentary-maker Ryan Katzenbach who had been researching the infamous 1974 DeFeo family mass murder in Amityville, New York. Police at the time recovered one weapon, a .35 caliber Marlin 336 hunting rifle. Based on his research, Katzenbach suspected a second weapon, a snub-nosed .38, was also in the killer’s possession the night of the murders. He called in Aqua Survey to perform an EM survey of a section of canal near the scene of

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Symposium News, NASA Astronaut Joins Speaker List

It’s official! NASA astronaut Dr. Rick Linnehan will be giving a special presentation to the attendees of the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Contaminated Sediment Symposium.  A veteran of four space flights, Dr. Linnehan has logged over 58 days in space, including 6 EVAs (spacewalks) totaling 42 hours and 11 minutes. In August 2009 Linnehan returned to the Astronaut Office after completing a Master’s degree in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in Boston, MA.  Dr. Linnehan is currently assigned

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Back from Cleopatra’s Palace

Archeological diver and Aqua Survey employee Eric Wartenweiler Smith recently returned from an expedition in Egypt diving on Cleopatra’s sunken palace as part of renowned underwater archeologist Franck Goddio’s dive team.  Read on to find out his thoughts on: -Life in post-revolution Egypt -Tantalizing news on what still waits to be found in the murky depths of Aboukir Bay -The future of underwater survey technology Aqua Survey would like to welcome Aqua Survey employee and archeological diver Eric Wartenweiler Smith

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Iconic New York Landmark Keeps Up with the Times

Due to the renovation of the Panama Canal, the Bayonne Bridge is about to receive a similarly impressive upgrade. Read on to find out more about the construction of this fascinating bridge and its currently proposed upgrade. Plus: What services is Aqua Survey providing to support harbor expansion? Last week Peter Zantal, a general manager at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced that the raising of the Bayonne Bridge by 60 feet would be completed by

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Bombs, Elephants and Puerto Rico

Traveling everywhere from gold mines in Laos to military testing grounds near Puerto Rico, and having used just about every conceivable form of transportation from airplane to elephant to do it, it’s been a busy month for Aqua Survey founder Ken Hayes.  Read on to find out more. Did you ever live through a month that no amount of imagination could have ever envisioned? I am in that month right now.  I have traveled to dozens of countries for business

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Glacier Dwarfs Skyscrapers: Icy Past Revealed

Notes from the Field: Ancient Oysters “Recently we were collecting sediment cores in New York in support of a harbor deepening project. The goal was simple, penetrate deeply until the glacial till is reached. This was a reasonable goal for one of our heavy-duty vibracoring systems. When the sample was retrieved and split open we discovered a strata of oyster shells from an ancient bed that most likely dates back to the Pleistocene era (1.8 million to 10,000 years ago).”

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NJ Firm Uses High-Tech Toys in Search for Murder Case Evidence

This past week, Flemington-based Aqua Survey participated in a forensic investigation that is looking for new evidence in a murder case that dates back to the mid-1970’s. On November 13th 1974, six members of the DeFeo family were found shot to death in their Amityville, Long Island, New York home.  The eldest son Butch DeFeo was tried and convicted for the murders.  The aftermath of the shootings served as the inspiration for the 1979 film, The Amityville Horror. Aqua Survey

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Aqua Survey Unveils Dredger’s Smart Pipe

Earlier this week Aqua Survey unveiled their latest innovation at the Western Dredging Association’s 31st conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  Beach replenishment projects face costly setbacks when munitions are dredged ashore.  Providing a simple solution to an expensive problem, the Dredger’s Smart Pipe will alert its operator when metallic objects are traveling through their dredge’s discharge pipeline.  The system will detect munitions, bomb fuses and other metallic objects. Aqua Survey will provide technician training.  Orders for the Dredger’s Smart Pipe are

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Dr. Doi to Present at Third International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions

Environmental Risks of UXO/MEC Contaminants in Sediment Addressed by Laboratory Toxicity Testing Jon Doi, Ph.D., Aqua Survey, Inc. The primary focus of the detection and removal of underwater munitions has been for the acute effects on humans, i.e., bombs exploding.  However, the greater concern may be on the environmental effects of bomb constituents (propellants and explosives) leaking from bombs for considerable lengths of time. This talk will cover a number of topics on the surveying, sampling and laboratory toxicity testing

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Aqua Survey’s Dr. Jon Doi will be a platform speaker on Friday April 15th at the THIRD INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUE ON UNDERWATER MUNITIONS held in Sopot, Poland.  The title of Jon’s presentation is Environmental Risks of UXO/MEC Contaminants in Sediment Addressed by Laboratory Toxicity Testing.  As excited as we are to see Dr. Doi and the other speakers present, being in country with as rich a cultural history as Poland also has a charm to it.  Take for instance, the castle

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Introducing the R/V Tesla

Specialized Sampling and Surveying in Challenging Environments Aqua Survey has just acquired its first landing craft-style jet-boat. This shallow-draft vessel will be able to work at sea and also be able to land personnel and heavy equipment, such as all-terrain vehicles and vibracoring equipment, right on a beach. We have named the 30-foot research vessel The R/V Tesla to honor the inventor Nicola Tesla who gave the world electric motors, electromagnetic coils, fluorescent lighting and radio-controlled electric boats. Tesla was

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UXO Found Near Major NYC Bridge

If you were to ask the nearly 200,000 people that go over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge each day about what their biggest concern was about their commute, probably very few of them would mention anything about a lost barge-load of military munitions tucked neatly under the world’s eighth largest suspension bridge. It wouldn’t have been on my list of concerns either, until last Saturday night when I received a call from commercial diver Gene Ritter who had made an alarming discovery

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Aqua Survey Staff Member Presents at the Franklin

Saturday, October 16th, Philadelphia, PA – over a hundred people jammed into the Franklin Institute’s auditorium to hear Aqua Survey captain and marine archeologist Eric Wartenweiler Smith present on his work with world-renowned archeologist Franck Goddio.  Smith, who divides his time between Aqua Survey and Goddio, has been a member of Goddio’s dive team for over a decade, most notably diving on Cleopatra’s sunken palace off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt. The event’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect as

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World War II bomb ignites off Okinawa beach

By David Allen and Chiyomi Sumida Stars and Stripes YOMITAN, Okinawa – A large plume of white smoke spotted about 875 yards off the beach at Torii Station turned out to be a rare spontaneous detonation of a World War II-era explosive, a Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force spokesman said Friday. “The bomb just happened to wash up onto the reef by the forces of nature, exposing the content to air, which led to ignition,” 1st Lt. Masakazu Karimata, spokesman for

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