About Us
About Us

Aqua Survey, Inc. (ASI) is your full-service ecotoxicology & on-water survey company founded in 1975

We pride ourselves on completing your project on time and on budget, with the utmost in professional integrity in laboratory testing, field sampling, geophysical surveying and consulting services.

Aqua Survey works with a wide variety of clients throughout the world, including many of the largest U.S. corporations, internationally recognized environmental consulting firms, and public sector agencies.

Why Aqua Survey

With over 45 years experience and a large fleet of vessels ranging from a 12-foot tracked amphibious vehicle to a 32-foot folding-wing pontoon vessel, Aqua Survey, Inc. is capable of handling the smallest to the largest of jobs.

Our skilled environmental technicians and U.S. Coast Guard certified captains are some of the most reliable and experienced in the field.

A Message from the Owners

Our goal is to leave this watery-blue planet in better shape than we found it. I am happy to report that, although there is still a lot of heavy lifting left to do, we are succeeding. During the 1970’s many of New Jersey’s beaches were littered with the decaying results of massive fish kills, garbage, and medical waste. Our ocean was stained brown. Decades later, the water is clear and bathers now enjoy the company of Bottlenose Dolphins, Brown Pelicans and Ospreys. Shore goers may need to walk carefully to avoid sharp shells, but not syringes. New Jersey is not alone in witnessing this major turnaround, Bald Eagles seem to be almost everywhere in the Northeast. Seals in New York Harbor are a playful testament to the region’s revitalization. Hundreds of private firms, dozens of public agencies, and handfuls of nonprofits had a hand in this amazing change. We all set out to leave this planet a better place for our children and we are succeeding.

In the years ahead we will still need plenty of serious effort. Aqua Survey has the research vessels, sampling tools, geophysical electronics, environmental toxicology laboratory, and staff of seasoned professionals to help you accomplish both your small and large challenges. Since 1975, we have been continuously gearing up to prepare for ever greater endeavors, responsibilities, and adventures. Throughout this website you will find services we offer internationally.

Ken Hayes — President/Founder

Jon Doi — Executive Vice President

Survey, Sampling, & toxicity

experts since 1975

Aqua Survey, Inc. has proven and refined methods to get your job done right.  We’re also innovators that don’t shy away from a challenge. Contact us today for a free consultation on your project.

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