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Submit a request for a quote and receive an Ancient Roman Coin (at least 1,500 years old) as a token of our appreciation. Aqua Survey supports archaeology, adventure and the exploration of history.  That’s why we’d like to share a small piece of it with you. No need to do anything special.  Request a quote for our services between 2/11/19 and 3/31/19 and we’ll send you an Ancient Roman coin.

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Do you have a Rival?

ri-val late 16th century: from Latin rivalis, originally in the sense ‘person using the same stream as another,’ from rivus ‘stream.’ Rivalries have been part of the world’s history: who gets water and how water gets shared has always been a big deal. Alison M. Jones of No Water No Life recently reminded us where the word rivalry comes from. It is such a key word when governments, citizens and industries square off. Most elementary school kids had rivals at

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NJ Governor and 23 Environmental Professionals Honored at Princeton Gala

“The Blue Peter Awards recognize those who have shown the difference that leaders–in any field–can make. They remind everyone that leaders are everyday people who want to make their communities better. Their example helps others to recognize that they can make a difference as well.” -Christie Todd Whitman, NJ Governor and Former EPA Administrator Governor Christie Whitman and 23 environmental professionals were presented Blue Peter Awards in recognition of their remarkable leadership skills earlier this month at a special gala

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Congratulations to the 2018 Blue Peter Award Recipients!

View the gallery here Steven Sands – Clean Earth, Inc. Stewart Abrams – Langan George Hicks – Tetra Tech, Inc. Cynthia Liu – Engineering/Remediation Resources Group, Inc. Kris Hallinger – ERM Group, Inc. Carol Shobrook – JT Cleary, Inc., A TULLY GROUP Company Rick Beach – GZA Environmental, Inc. Ram Mohan – Anchor QEA, LLC. Eric Stern – Tipping Point Resource Group, LLC. Andrew Timmis – J.F. Brennan, Inc. Diane Evers – NOAA Beth Styler Barry – The Nature Conservancy

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Blue Peter Awards Gala Nominees Released

Celebrating Excellence in the Field of Environmental Remediation -June 11th Princeton, NJ- The Nominees are: Steven Sands – Clean Earth Stewart Abrams – Langan George Hicks – Tetra Tech Cynthia Liu – ERRG Kris Hallinger – ERM Carol Shobrook – JT Cleary Rick Beach – GZA Environmental Ram Mohan – Anchor QEA Eric Stern – Tipping Point Resource Group Andrew Timmis – J.F. Brennan Diane Evers – NOAA Beth Styler Barry – The Nature Conservancy Al Modjeski – American Littoral

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CASE STUDY: A Million Dollar Difference

Client avoids excess project expense via experience and wide toolset. CLIENT NEED: For years the gun club shot at targets launched over an estuary.  For decades this seemed harmless.  But the shot was lead and after many years the State wanted to figure out where all the lead was and wasn’t.  Under several feet of water was a layer of unconsolidated sediment—black mayonnaise.  Below this strata was a layer of more consolidated sediment and then under all of this, bedrock. 

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Can Grain Size predict a sample’s potential for contaminant loading?

We live sediment.  Sometimes we even dream about it. If you need thousands of Grain Size analyses or just a few, Aqua Survey can collect the samples and perform Sieve or Hydrometer analyses for you. “Can Grain Size predict a sample’s potential for contaminant loading?” The answer is YES. A sample’s grain size can be a good indicator of contaminant loading. The amount of silt and clay in large part determines the level of potential contamination in a sample. Have

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SAME Flatscreen TV Contest

We’d like to congratulate the following winners of our SAME contest! Grand Prize TV Winner Anthony Moore, Environmental Works, Inc. Amazon Gift Card Winners Colleen Rust, Sundance Consulting Horace Walker, Florabama Geospatial Solutions, LLC

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UXO Survivor to Break-Dance Advocate

l just finished watching Ken Burn’s 10 episode documentary series on the Vietnam War. It was a tough watch. It has rekindled my determination to help rid Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam of the millions of unexploded bombs (UXO) that lie in wait; hidden in soils and rice paddies. It’s amazing that after all these years, they still accidentally detonate killing or maiming village children (mostly boys) and farmers. Aqua Survey is pleased to announce the availability of a new UXO

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Strange Reactions Throughout History and the Animal Kingdom

From the wrath of God to an abbreviated workday, humans have attributed some unusual meanings to eclipses over the years.  Other members of the animal kingdom aren’t too far behind when it comes to strange reactions. With today’s eclipse just a few hours away, we thought it’d be fun to take a look at a few of the unusual situations eclipses have created for both humans and animals. Hysteria and The Sublime Since perhaps our beginnings, eclipses have had an

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CASE STUDY: 2,825 Sediment Cores in 3 Weeks

Time was running out for the State of New Jersey.  They needed it done and done right. Client Needs: As a result of Super Storm Sandy, New Jersey’s channels experienced massive sedimentation. The question was, how much was directly attributable to the superstorm and what was the result of normal buildup processes? FEMA would provide the state with 75% matching funds for the dredging of any Sandy-related buildup. The State needed close to 3,000 sediment vibracore samples to be taken

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Case Study 19: Amityville Handgun

With the recent release of the latest reboot of the Amityville Horror franchise, we thought it’d be interesting to revisit this case study from a few years back. Client Need: A documentary filmmaker was producing a three part series exploring the real-life case history of the 1974 homicide case which inspired the Amityville Horror franchise. Entitled Shattered Hopes, the series examined some never fully answered questions in the murder investigation. After extensive research of police files, the filmmaker suspected a

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Aqua Survey Lunch and Learn Tour – Back with a New Twist

Question: What does the French Algerian War, Cleopatra’s Palace and Bomb-hunting ROV’s have in common? Answer: They are all part of Aqua Survey’s newest Lunch and Learn. Our mixed-media, informal presentations inform and entertain (after all, who said learning has to be painful). Travel around the world with us over lunch (or dinner). Topics include: -Sediment Coring -Bathymetric and Side Scan Sonar Surveys -On-Water Geophysical Surveying -Environmental Toxicology Tests/Studies -Unexploded Ordnance (Bombs) Surveys -Geophysical-Based Treasure Hunting -Globe Trotting Adventures -And

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CASE STUDY #38: UXO Unearthed During Construction

Client Needs: An engineering firm was in the process of refurbishing a relatively small ferryboat terminal in the Northeast.  In this process, an intact, massive (and potentially explosive) Rodman cannonball was unearthed by a backhoe.  To provide worker safety, the work zone had to be surveyed for other unexploded ordnance (UXO). Services Provided: Aqua Survey utilized their customized military-grade electromagnetic induction (EMI) metal detection electronics (marine and terrestrial platforms) to locate ferrous and non-ferrous objects within the work zone.  None

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