late 16th century: from Latin rivalis, originally in the sense ‘person using the same stream as another,’ from rivus ‘stream.’

Rivalries have been part of the world’s history: who gets water and how water gets shared has always been a big deal. Alison M. Jones of No Water No Life recently reminded us where the word rivalry comes from. It is such a key word when governments, citizens and industries square off.

Most elementary school kids had rivals at the water fountain right after recess on a hot spring day; competing for water rights. When there is a drought, sprinkler people, pool people and car washers square off with local ordinances. Ordinances are not always easy to follow (e.g., you can wash your car on even numbered days… provided the number of the day before ended in a vowel, the moon was full and your last name started with a consonant).

We are a niche provider of rather unique, waterborne services. Providing hard scientific data, our services often help resolve rivalries. Mostly, we pinpoint and characterize things that have gone missing: UXO (bombs), contaminants, murder weapons and treasure. It’s fascinating work. We are good at it. We enjoy offering these services worldwide.

A few pop culture rivalries:

-Newman vs Seinfeld
-Good vs Evil
-LeBron James vs Stephen Curry
-David vs Goliath
-Republicans vs Democrats
-Yankees vs Red Sox