UXO Survivor to Break-Dance Advocate

l just finished watching Ken Burn’s 10 episode documentary series on the Vietnam War. It was a tough watch. It has rekindled my determination to help rid Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam of the millions of unexploded bombs (UXO) that lie in wait; hidden in soils and rice paddies. It’s amazing that after all these years, they still accidentally detonate killing or maiming village children (mostly boys) and farmers.

Aqua Survey is pleased to announce the availability of a new UXO detection system called the EM61-LX2. It is the end product of seven years of collaborative research and development (Geonics/MMG/Aqua Survey). I have personally traveled to Laos 18 times to work on this project.

Why does the LX2 work so well?

It can detect a BLU-26 sub-munition cluster bomb (colloquially called a bombie in Lao) 75 cm below the sensor.

It filters out the background noise caused by the region’s magnetic soils allowing the UXO to be detected.

It is lightweight and reasonably priced.

It is simple to use.

-Ken Hayes, Aqua Survey Founder/President

Below is a short video narrated by Garrett, depicting the perseverance of Pongsavath, a young man who had a cluster bomb detonate in his hands 8 years ago.

Pong and many other disabled, are the reason Aqua Survey has worked so hard to provide the villagers of Southeast Asia the LX2.

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