Posted on August 29, 2023August 29, 2023

An Unforgettable Friendship: Honoring Stan Waterman and His Underwater Realm

My wife has accused me of collecting interesting friends as a hobby.  I plead guilty as charged.  In 2000, I was tasked to find a keynote speaker for the Hudson Delaware Regional Chapter of SETAC (The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) annual meeting.  I decided to invite longtime Princeton resident, Stan Waterman to speak.  I gave him a call.  He immediately said yes, with one caveat, he wanted me to come over to his home and have lunch with … Continue reading “An Unforgettable Friendship: Honoring Stan Waterman and His Underwater Realm”

Posted on April 12, 2022February 16, 2023

Royal Princess vs. Puritans

Native American Princess turned Wealthy Puritan It probably can be said for most that lived in the 1600’s, but for sure, Jane Sandusky did not live an easy life. A Native-American believed by the Hayes family to be of Sandusky heritage, Jane was born near modern-day York, Maine in about the year 1622. Sometime before 1646, she married a Puritan named Stephen Flanders. At the time, when a white settler married a native it was common to claim that the … Continue reading “Royal Princess vs. Puritans”

Posted on January 21, 2022February 16, 2023

Bomb Hunting in Remote Jungle

Mission Success – ASI / Geonics collaboration results in safer future for Lao children Another UXO clearance mission was just successfully completed with a Geonics EM61-LX2 and the ASI Pointer in Khammouan Province, Laos along a proposed transmission line. Laos is per-capita, the most heavily bombed country in the world. They’d like to become “the battery” of Southeast Asia via hydroelectric dams. In a mountainous, monsoonal, sparsely populated country with (electric) power-hungry neighbors, it is an obvious direction for the Lao … Continue reading “Bomb Hunting in Remote Jungle”

Posted on December 17, 2021February 16, 2023

Aqua Survey Expands Coring Fleet

Aqua Survey is expanding its fleet of dedicated sediment vibracoring vessels from 6 to 9. Currently under construction are three, 24-foot long, pontoon vessels. All three are scheduled to come online in early 2022.  The vessels have been engineered specifically to collect sediment electro-vibracores inshore and to easily be trailered to your near or distant work site. Coupled with Aqua Survey’s eleven electro-vibarcore systems, they are capable of handling several major sediment sampling projects simultaneously. As each new vessel comes … Continue reading “Aqua Survey Expands Coring Fleet”

Posted on November 17, 2021February 16, 2023

The Great Gold Heist – Part Two

1865 Crime Scene Meets 21st Century Technology One can imagine what 156 years of gossip, folklore and hearsay can do to the veracity of facts, especially when those facts concern what some called the “Great Heist of the 19th Century”. Aqua Survey was brought in by Civil War historian and author, Bob Young (pictured bottom right). Delving deep into the century and a half long mystery, Mr. Young sifted through historical documents, compiling a wealth of firsthand accounts. He believes … Continue reading “The Great Gold Heist – Part Two”

Posted on November 2, 2021February 16, 2023

Some Called it the Heist of the Century

“About twelve o’clock the tramp of cavalry was heard coming down upon our train at full speed, and in ten seconds after the alarm was given, they were upon us … with pistols and carbines in almost immediate contact with our persons, demanded the instantaneous surrender of our party and train upon pain of death.”  -Banker recounts moment of ambush The Confederacy was falling. The loss of its capitol, Richmond, Virginia was inevitable. The gold and silver of the Confederate … Continue reading “Some Called it the Heist of the Century”

Posted on April 3, 2021February 16, 2023

Lighthouse Preservation: A Case Study in Reality Modeling

Combining multiple survey methodologies, Aqua Survey is able to create engineering-grade 3D point cloud models that seamlessly transition between above and below water. This was a crucial support tool to the engineers assessing the structural integrity of the historic Hudson-Athens Lighthouse in Hudson, New York. Seen in this video:  Survey Model Life on a Lighthouse The life of a lightkeeper was difficult and unusual.  A Historian, Riverboat Captain, and Lighthouse Keepers describe life in the heyday of the … Continue reading “Lighthouse Preservation: A Case Study in Reality Modeling”

Posted on December 15, 2020February 16, 2023

Gettysburg – An Archeological Investigation

Aqua Survey recently performed a survey on private land near Gettysburg National Military Park. Fought on July 1-3, 1863, the Battle of Gettysburg was a decisive Union victory, many considering it to be the turning point of the war. With an estimated 51,000 casualties, it is the bloodiest battle ever fought in North America. About two miles behind what would have been the Confederate lines on the second and third days of the battle, the area surveyed is believed to … Continue reading “Gettysburg – An Archeological Investigation”