Lighthouse Preservation: A Case Study in Reality Modeling

Combining multiple survey methodologies, Aqua Survey is able to create engineering-grade 3D point cloud models that seamlessly transition between above and below water. This was a crucial support tool to the engineers assessing the structural integrity of the historic Hudson-Athens Lighthouse in Hudson, New York.

Seen in this video:  Survey Model

Life on a Lighthouse

The life of a lightkeeper was difficult and unusual.  A Historian, Riverboat Captain, and Lighthouse Keepers describe life in the heyday of the Hudson-Athens lighthouse.

Seamless Land & Water Surveys

The area between land and water is one that has been difficult to survey with traditional methods. One of Aqua Survey’s specialties is creating engineering quality 3D models of this transitional zone through the application of recent technological advancements.

Seen in this video:  Survey Model