Native American Princess turned Wealthy Puritan

It probably can be said for most that lived in the 1600’s, but for sure, Jane Sandusky did not live an easy life.

A Native-American believed by the Hayes family to be of Sandusky heritage, Jane was born near modern-day York, Maine in about the year 1622. Sometime before 1646, she married a Puritan named Stephen Flanders. At the time, when a white settler married a native it was common to claim that the native person was “Indian Royalty” and this is likely how Jane gained the title of “Indian Princess”.

A few years later, the couple settled in Salisbury, Massachusetts where they would live the rest of their lives. A few details remain in record about their lives. Jane went on to have seven children, six lived to adulthood.

Jane and Stephen did quite well during their time in Salisbury. In 1650, Stephen’s holdings was a house on an acre and a half lot. At the time of his death in 1684, he owned 74 acres of land and their estate was valued at 300 pounds.

Despite material success, it seems that Jane found it hard to fit in with her Puritan neighbors. It was a time when being seen as rude or disrespectful could land you in trouble with the law. Going by court records, it appears Jane spoke her mind freely and was not afraid to be blunt. Adding in cultural differences, and perhaps a language barrier, likely made things more difficult for Jane. Jane found herself in multiple court cases. In 1664, the Salisbury court found her guilty of “making debate among neighbors & casting great reproaches upon several”. She was fined 10 shillings for each offense.

Jane Sandusky was the 8th great-grandmother Aqua Survey president/founder, Ken Hayes.

Thus, in honor of this strong-willed woman who lived a unique life at a time of great change on this continent, we’ve decided to name our newest vibracore vessel the R/V Sandusky.

A custom engineered, all-aluminum 24 ft pontoon vessel, the Sandusky can routinely collect four inch diameter, 12 foot long cores. The Sandusky will be the first of three new custom designed sediment vibracoring vessels to join Aqua Survey’s fleet this spring.

We are proud to announce that the Sandusky will soon be entering our fleet and in its own small way, be making a difference for a greener, cleaner, healthier tomorrow.

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