The Lunch and Learn Season is upon us.

ASI’s last Lunch & Learn Tour took us to dozens of clients nationally.  The positive feedback made the thousands of miles worthwhile.

This year we are offering a new collection of short videos that will show you what we have been up to for the past year.  As always, we will buy pizza for your team.  During our last tour season we were not able to visit with all of the folks who requested one.  To try to better manage our Lunch & Learn Tour calendar and content we are asking you to:

Request a few different weeks between October and March that would work for your team.  (Some dates are available before October. Please inquire for availability.)
Let us know which of the following services we offer you would like us to cover:

  • Underwater UXO (bomb) Surveying
  • Terrestrial UXO Surveying
  • Underwater Treasure Surveying
  • The use of Geophysical Surveying in Crime Scene Investigations
  • Drone Site inspection and Videography
  • Marine/Aquatic Geophysical Surveying
  • Airborne Geophysical Surveying
  • Sediment and Water Column Sampling
  • Sediment Ocean Disposal Toxicological Studies
  • Sediment Upland Disposal Contaminant Studies
  • Sediment, Water Column and Product Toxicological Studies
  • Screening Potable Water for Weapons of Mass Destruction Contaminants
  • NCP Oil Spill Control and GLP Product Testing
  • ASI Humanitarian Projects

We look forward to sharing a slice of what we enjoy doing here at Aqua Survey with you and listening to what your needs are.

Thank you,

Ken Hayes

Aqua Survey, Inc.

If you’d like a Lunch and Learn before October, we have few dates open.  Contact us for more information.