When was the last time you changed your own car oil?

When was the last time you changed your own car oil?  If you’re like many of us, the small price to have a professional do the job is worth it to save yourself the headache and the mess.  Add to this the simple fact that time is money and it becomes clear that a lot of us are better off spending time using our other skill sets.

At Aqua Survey, Inc. (ASI) we’re all about sediments and we can provide cost effective solutions for your big projects as well as your little ones.  To support your sediment projects, ASI owns and operates an ecotoxicology sediment testing laboratory, a wide array of geophysical instruments, a fleet of over 20 research vessels, drill rigs, vibracoring systems and submersible towed instrument platforms.  We collect 1000’s of sediment cores each year.  Not only are we experienced in the collection of sediment cores, but also in their processing.  When field processing is performed by an outside group, our field crew is frequently able to outsample them, forcing us to slow down in response to their inability to keep up with us.  Because we have more experience, Aqua Survey’s field processing team is able to safely and effectively coordinate with our field crew and keep up with their rate of sampling.  What this means to our clients is that their job is completed in a faster and ultimately more cost efficient manner.

Just as the seasoned mechanic is able to change a car’s oil faster than the person who does so only once or twice a year, our teams are able to perform field processing in a quicker, more efficient and tidier manner than most other people.  Many of our clients already know about our field processing services and use them to their advantage.  Let us do the dirty work so you can use your business’s resources more effectively.

No matter what the environment, we can help to increase your productivity!