Aqua Survey to be Featured on Multiple Episodes of New Discovery Channel Series

Follow an active criminal investigation as it happens in real time.  Premieres January 5th.

View sneak peak here.

Key evidence is missing and a possible killer is on the loose.  What happens when you pit geophysical wit against the mind of a killer?  Due to an iron-clad non-disclosure agreement, we can’t tell you how that ended up, but trust me, sometimes life is stranger than fiction.

Aqua Survey was recently involved in Season 1 of a new Discovery Channel series.  Called the “Killing Fields,” the show will explore seemingly idyllic locations across the country where bodies are dumped and criminal evidence hidden.  Hired to utilize the latest advancements in geophysical tools, Aqua Survey sent an eight person team to forensically investigate several areas associated with high-profile cold case murders.

If serial killers, pschopaths and diving in alligator-infested water weren’t enough, while staying at a hotel near a crime scene there was an attempted murder in the room next door to one of our staff.  We’d like to commend Captain Mark Padover, who when awakened by gunfire, bravely responded to a woman’s 2:30 AM pained wail for help.  Mark may have very well saved her from bleeding to death.

“Killing Fields” premiere’s Tuesday, January 5 at 10/9c PM on the Discovery Channel.  It is produced by Sirens Media LLC, a Leftfield Entertainment company. We will let you know more details when we can.