Aqua Survey Staff Member Presents at the Franklin

Saturday, October 16th, Philadelphia, PA – over a hundred people jammed into the Franklin Institute’s auditorium to hear Aqua Survey captain and marine archeologist Eric Wartenweiler Smith present on his work with world-renowned archeologist Franck Goddio.  Smith, who divides his time between Aqua Survey and Goddio, has been a member of Goddio’s dive team for over a decade, most notably diving on Cleopatra’s sunken palace off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt.

The event’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect as the Franklin is currently displaying an exhibit entitled Cleopatra: the Search for the Last Queen of Egypt, which displays many artifacts discovered by Goddio and his team, including a man-sized sphinx (pictured above) discovered by Smith himself.

After giving an hour presentation in which he discussed what it is like to dive on a sunken Egyptian city, as well as going into detail on several of his other globe-trotting archeological adventures, Smith was gracious enough to give a guided tour of the exhibit where he could spend one-on-one time with attendees answering their questions.

Smith had this to say about the event, “I really enjoyed sharing my excitement for exploration on the sea and hope that everyone enjoyed the presentation.”