Abora IV Trans-Atlantic Sailing Expedition

Recently Jon Doi and I had the pleasure of visiting an old friend.  We attended a presentation on Wednesday, March 18, 2009 at the German Consulate in New York City.  The speaker was the botanist and experimental archeologist Dominique Goerlitz.  Those of you who have subscribed to our company email flashes will remember Aqua Survey’s coverage of the historic Abora III expedition during the summer of 2007 (see video below).  Dominique was back in New York City to offer experiences from his last transatlantic voyage but also to discuss his upcoming Abora IV expedition.

The invited guests were treated to dramatic pictures and video of the Abora III voyage along with personal stories and insights by Dominique.  Mr. Goerlitz is not only a very popular scientist but he is an authentic personality and came across as very likeable and positive-thinking.  As an inspiring and compelling speaker, he also addressed issues such as project management and team building that is extremely important for a successful expedition.

Aqua Survey, Inc. looks forward to supporting Dominique Goerlitz and his team as they pull together resources and begin the construction of the Abora IV right here in NJ!  The expedition has selected Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ as the building location for the Abora IV.  The building area at Liberty Science Center provides a fascinating location for viewing the progress of this historic voyage.

We wish Dominique and his devoted team members the best of luck and look forward to supporting him on his next transatlantic voyage, The Abora IV!

Ken Hayes

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