‘Living Breakwaters’ Storm Barrier Project Taking Shape

It’s not every day that you get invited to be an on-camera participant at a media event.

Aqua Survey’s president, Ken Hayes, was invited to talk about what his company is doing to help their client Hill International make Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Living Breakwaters on Staten Island (New York City) a reality.  Utilizing a 60 million dollar design budget, the goal of this project is to reduce wave action and coastal erosion along the island’s shoreline in the Tottenville section, while enhancing ecosystems and shoreline use and access.  Using a multilayered approach the project will address the most damaging effects of coastal flooding, improve aquatic biodiversity and engage the community through educational programs.

Aqua Survey will be providing sediment sampling and geophysical surveys for the project. Hayes, who just finished a three month Lunch & Learn Tour around the country, found it easier than normal to find the right words to explain Aqua Survey’s technical contribution to this life-saving project.  Hayes spoke to NY1 News while an ASI field team took sediment samples offshore.  The news team caught up with ASI’s boat crew to get a close-up look at their specialty vessel, sediment sampling equipment and geophysical survey tools.

“It was a pleasure and an honor to participate in today’s media event,” said Hayes, “the Living Breakwaters is an innovative project with some truly admirable goals. I’d like to thank Hill International and the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery for including us in the day’s events.”

Click here for the NY1 News video.