Laos Videos
Laos Videos

Laos Videos

Aqua Survey performs UXO Markout Services with their customized metal detectors in the country of Laos.   Laos shares a border Vietnam and despite not being a part of the official conflict, was densely bombed during the Vietnam War.  ASI produced these videos which were an Official Selection at the Golden Door Film Festival in Jersey City, NJ:

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Laos Episode 1

Recently an Aqua Survey team returned from a nearly month long expedition in the small Southeast Asian country of Laos. Their mission was to prove the capabilities of ASI’s bomb hunting equipment in the highly conductive soils of Laos.

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Laos Episode 2: Roadside Explosives

Last time we tuned in, the team had just reached the first test site, but now the real challenge begins. Some unexploded ordnance folks say this is one of the toughest places in the world to work. Can they help the people of Laos?

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Laos Episode 3: Bomb Disposal

In Laos, the Aqua Survey team hits the road (and water) once again. This time they’re on their way to a gold mine. It’s hoped their techniques can help locate bombs hidden within the mine.

UXO Unexploded Ordnance

UXO is a still deadly problem even 50+ years after the bombs were dropped.  Aqua Survey is committed to the people of Laos and works with UXO survivors to raise global awareness of this issue.

UXO Survey at Sivilay School

The students at the Nidda Elementary School, located in Sivilay Village, Laos, can now safely run and play in their schoolyard thanks to ASI survey equipment.

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BLU-26 Detonation

A BLU-26 Cluster Bomblet is safely detonated by an EOD team in Laos, Southeast Asia. Learn more about the beginnings of Aqua Survey’s involvement in Laos.

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The Jason School Opening

Aqua Survey President Ken Hayes and other patrons celebrate the opening of the new Vieng Xay school in Laos.

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UXO Survivor to Break-Dance Advocate
Sometimes you meet incredible people. Pong, Pongsavath or Peter Kim as he sometimes likes to be called is one. Losing both hands and his eyesight to a Vietnam War Era cluster bomb when he was 16, Pong has persevered where many would have given up.

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