Aqua Survey, Inc. was hired by Mel Fisher’s Treasures to survey a large area of the ocean bottom near Key West, FL in hopes of finding more treasure from the Nuestra Sénora de Atocha. It was weeks later after our data had been generated into maps that we began to see the fruits of our labor. The Mel Fisher divers brought up more than just treasure. We soon found out that the bottom of the ocean in this area is littered with bomb fragments left over from earlier training missions of the U.S. Navy. Apparently at times our EM detection system was picking up these pieces that were buried deep within the sands of the bottom. Much of this debris would have been too deep for a magnetometer to record its presence. Pictured here is Sr. Environmental Scientist, Don Nazario with what looks to have been a small gravity bomb and a military missile of some type. All of the fragments are inert and none of these items pose any danger to the divers or crew.