Introducing the R/V Tesla

Specialized Sampling and Surveying in Challenging Environments

Aqua Survey has just acquired its first landing craft-style jet-boat. This shallow-draft vessel will be able to work at sea and also be able to land personnel and heavy equipment, such as all-terrain vehicles and vibracoring equipment, right on a beach. We have named the 30-foot research vessel The R/V Tesla to honor the inventor Nicola Tesla who gave the world electric motors, electromagnetic coils, fluorescent lighting and radio-controlled electric boats. Tesla was awarded over 700 patents. His electromagnetic coils paved the way for the time-domain metal detection coil arrays we will be using from this vessel to map submerged pipelines, locate unexploded bombs and find Spanish treasure. Maybe Tesla would have not appreciated the vessel’s two 450 cubic inch internal combustion engines, but we are quite sure he would have approved of the advanced geophysical remote sensing equipment and our Rossfelder alternating current electro-vibracoring systems. Interestingly, the builder of this vessel has built the high-performance stunt boats used in recent James Bond movies. Tesla would have enjoyed the gadgets in Bond films.