Now Hiring – Boat Captain
Now Hiring – Boat Captain

We are hiring a mechanically inclined, rugged individual who loves the outdoors

We are looking to hire a Coast Guard Licensed Captain who is
mechanically inclined, rugged, and loves the outdoors, to work on projects along the east coast of the United States, primarily in the New Jersey/New York region.

Their primary task would be piloting smaller vessels during the
completion of underwater surveying and sampling projects.

Our vessels are not liveaboard and crews come back landside
every night.

Applicants should be safety-conscious, possessing a positive
attitude and a strong willingness to learn.

This is a salaried position with benefits. Compensation level based on

Our main office is located in Kingwood, NJ.

Full time.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 908-788-8700, ask for Garrett

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