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Vessel Support

The needs for coastal and in-land waterways research are extensive, and emerging programs designed to address these needs will have substantial demands for vessel support. Aqua Survey owns and operates a wide array of platforms and vessels that can be utilized to perform a wide range services on and around dynamically diverse waterbodies. Although all the vessels have been specifically appointed to accommodate our standard services, they can be customized to meet a project’s specific needs. In addition to the several vessel types Aqua Survey owns; vessels of opportunity can also be chartered.

Vessel Charter

Aqua Survey owns and operates a fleet of over 20 research / survey vessels that have been customized to support markout, environmental and geotechnical field services. The vessels range in size from a 12-foot amphibious vehicle to our 100-ton, 70-foot long 
flagship, the R/V Robert E. Hayes. All vessels are capable of operating 
in shallow-draft areas. Our vessels are operated by scientists who are United States Coast Guard licensed captains. All crew members are OSHA HAZWOPER 40-hour trained. Our vessels are also used by the motion picture industry as filming platforms.

The following Aqua Survey vessel types are available:

• Class 80-foot Liftboats
• Commercial grade catamaran self-propelled pontoon vessels
• Mono-hulled survey vessels
• Commercial grade pontoon platforms
• Inflatable self-propelled pontoons (Excellent choice for working in remote areas)
• Mono-hulled open support vessels
• Amphibious vehicles

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