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UXO Markout

We are scientist-mariners by trade and understand how to effectively conduct UXO/MEC/MC surveys below the waterline. Our goal since 1975 has been to get your project done safely, professionally, on-time and on-budget to make you look good. We offer you a single source solution for underwater UXO/MEC/MC investigations. We have the right people, tools and attitude to get you what you need when you need it.

Aqua Survey Fulfills Your Underwater Markout Needs

Aqua Survey Fulfills Your Underwater Markout Needs

Aqua Survey owns and operates survey grade, submersible, high-powered electromagnetic (EM) detection systems that can be rafted, sled-mounted or advanced into sediments using a core barrel into the bottom of ponds, rivers and seas.  Large areas can be surveyed by towing a rafted system on a water body’s surface or on a sled along the bottom.  With the use of an EM detector contained in the nosecone of a vibracoring barrel (Smart-core), small areas of sediment can be characterized for the presence of deeply embedded metal artifacts.  EM is used to map submerged and embedded UXO and MEC, metallic cultural resources, utility markout and treasure.  Targets acquired can be accurately geopositioned to facilitate their reacquisition.

The following services are provided for markout:

Electromagnetic time domain detection systems (towed benthic sled, diver maneuvered system, EM-ROV, float system and Smart-core vibracoring system).
Sub-bottom sonar survey
Magnetometer and gradiometer survey
Side scan sonar survey

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