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News 12/01/17 - SAME Flatscreen TV Contest
10/17/17 - Bridging the Gap between Land and Water
10/02/17 - UXO Survivor to Break-Dance Advocate
08/21/17 - Strange Reactions Throughout History and the Animal Kingdom
08/08/17 - CASE STUDY: 2,825 Sediment Cores in 3 Weeks
07/04/17 - Case Study 19: Amityville Handgun
05/16/17 - Aqua Survey Lunch and Learn Tour - Back with a New Twist
04/04/17 - CASE STUDY #38: UXO Unearthed During Construction
03/21/17 - CASE STUDY #37: 50 Mile Pipeline
03/09/17 - Jacques Cousteau and the Assassin
03/01/17 - Vibracore Assassin: the Real Day of the Jackal
02/23/17 - Master Inventor and Man of International Intrigue
12/13/16 - What does April 17, 2018, mean to you?
04/13/16 - Priceless Art, Old Cowhides & Mud
12/22/15 - Aqua Survey to be Featured on Multiple Episodes of New Discovery Channel Series

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EM Technologies
Guest Luncheon Speaker Dominique Görlitz
ASI Webcast from Egypt
Rock Coring with the R/V Hayes in Philadelphia
EM ROV Survey
Identical Systems = Identical Results
Aqua Survey’s UXO Survey Capabilities
“Amityville Horror” Handgun Recovery
Aqua Survey Joins SETI / NASA in the High Andes
Laos Episode 01
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Laos Episode 03: Bomb Disposal
Floating Market Thailand
Airborne Mag Survey
Passaic Multibeam 2014
Living Breakwaters: A Safer Future for Staten Island
Sediment Vibracoring Animation
Sediment Vibracoring
Jt Cleary, Inc. - Client Testimonial
Clean Earth - Client Testimonial
Sediment Vibracoring
The Rossfelder / Cousteau / Aqua Survey Connection
UMMA—the Ultra Marine Magnetometer Array
UXO Survivor to Break-Dance Advocate