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Congratulations to the 2018 Blue Peter Award Recipients!

Jun 12, 2018

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Blue Peter Awards Gala 2018

Steven Sands – Clean Earth, Inc.
Stewart Abrams – Langan
George Hicks – Tetra Tech, Inc.
Cynthia Liu – Engineering/Remediation Resources Group, Inc.
Kris Hallinger – ERM Group, Inc.
Carol Shobrook – JT Cleary, Inc., A TULLY GROUP Company
Rick Beach – GZA Environmental, Inc.
Ram Mohan – Anchor QEA, LLC.
Eric Stern – Tipping Point Resource Group, LLC.
Andrew Timmis – J.F. Brennan, Inc.
Diane Evers – NOAA
Beth Styler Barry – The Nature Conservancy
Al Modjeski – American Littoral Society
Anthony LeCroy – SNF Environmental, Inc.
Matthew Behum – Integral Consulting
Jim Cleary – JT Cleary, Inc., A TULLY GROUP Company
Darrell Nicholas – Geosyntec Consultants
Tom Dolce – Aqua Survey, Inc.
Steve McGee – Tetra Tech, Inc.
Marian Young – Brightfields, Inc.
Eric Emery – Ramboll Group
Meg Pinza – EcoAnalysts, Inc.
John Hull – Hull & Associates, Inc.

- With a Special Lifetime Achievement Blue Peter Award presented to -

The Honorable Christine Todd Whitman

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Blue Peter Awards Gala Nominees Released

May 21, 2018

Celebrating Excellence in the Field of Environmental Remediation

-June 11th Princeton, NJ-

The Nominees are:

Steven Sands – Clean Earth
Stewart Abrams – Langan
George Hicks – Tetra Tech
Cynthia Liu – ERRG
Kris Hallinger – ERM
Carol Shobrook – JT Cleary
Rick Beach – GZA Environmental
Ram Mohan – Anchor QEA
Eric Stern – Tipping Point Resource Group
Andrew Timmis – J.F. Brennan
Diane Evers – NOAA
Beth Styler Barry – The Nature Conservancy
Al Modjeski – American Littoral Society
Anthony LeCroy – SNF Environmental
Matthew Behum – Integral Consulting
Jim Cleary – JT Cleary
Darrell Nicholas – Geosyntec
Tom Dolce – Aqua Survey
Steve McGee – Tetra Tech
Marian Young – Brightfields
Eric Emery – Ramboll
Meg Pinza – EcoAnalysts
John Hull – Hull & Associates

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What is a Blue Peter?

A nautical symbol, the Blue Peter flag signifies the ship’s crew is outward bound. The crew will ultimately share a common fate, therefore it is of extreme importance to function as a team.

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CASE STUDY: A Million Dollar Difference

Mar 06, 2018

Client avoids excess project expense via experience and wide toolset.

CLIENT NEED: For years the gun club shot at targets launched over an estuary.  For decades this seemed harmless.  But the shot was lead and after many years the State wanted to figure out where all the lead was and wasn’t.  Under several feet of water was a layer of unconsolidated sediment—black mayonnaise.  Below this strata was a layer of more consolidated sediment and then under all of this, bedrock.  If the lead was scattered top to bottom or if it were found to be in both the black mayonnaise strata and the more consolidated strata, the cleanup cost would be enormous.  If it was only in the top unconsolidated strata, the cost of cleanup would be considerably less.  And, if the lead shot had fallen through and was sitting on the bedrock, no cleanup would be required. 

SOLUTION: Aqua Survey was contracted to provide vibracore sampling in the area of concern.  Cores would penetrate to bedrock.  Providing an accurate look at the sediment strata, the cores would allow the client to know just how deep the lead had settled.

WHAT IF: The client had a concern.  What if the act of coring mixed the lead shot into in all strata, massively increasing the cost of dredging?

SOLUTION: Aqua Survey has many different makes and models of vibracore units.  Some are better suited for certain types of projects than others. They range from heavy duty 350 pound Rossfelders to more lightweight systems.  In order to determine which model would provide the minimal lead shot redistribution, an 8 foot high, 5 foot diameter container was filled with sediment.  As the container was being filled, lead shot painted different colors was placed at varying depths.  Different vibracore units were tested and a unit was found which provided essentially no redistribution of lead shot.  Surprisingly, it was one of our heavier systems, the 350 pound Rossfelder VT6, that proved to be the winner.  The gun club’s field project was completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

We’ve been in the sediment business long enough to not just have one or two kinds of solutions.  As they say, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  That’s not us.  We’re more like a well-stocked tool chest. With over four decades in business we’ve seen and overcome many unique project challenges, and, when presented with a new problem or challenge we know how to engineer the solution.  So if you are dealing with a sediment challenge and need assistance, whether it be the actual sampling or geotechnical or toxicological testing, allow us to be your expert source.

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Can Grain Size predict a sample’s potential for contaminant loading?

Jan 10, 2018

We live sediment.  Sometimes we even dream about it.

If you need thousands of Grain Size analyses or just a few, Aqua Survey can collect the samples and perform Sieve or Hydrometer analyses for you.

“Can Grain Size predict a sample’s potential for contaminant loading?”

The answer is YES.

A sample’s grain size can be a good indicator of contaminant loading. The amount of silt and clay in large part determines the level of potential contamination in a sample.

Have a question about sediment?

Call 908-788-8700

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SAME Flatscreen TV Contest

Dec 01, 2017

We’d like to congratulate the following winners of our SAME contest!

Grand Prize TV Winner

Anthony Moore, Environmental Works, Inc.

Amazon Gift Card Winners

Colleen Rust, Sundance Consulting

Horace Walker, Florabama Geospatial Solutions, LLC

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Bridging the Gap between Land and Water

Oct 17, 2017

Seamless Land and Water Surveys

Click Above for 3D Model

The area between land and water is one that has been difficult to survey with traditional methods. One of Aqua Survey’s specialties is creating engineering quality 3D models of this transitional zone through the application of recent technological advancements.

Seawalls, headwalls, wharfs, piers, bulkheads, sheet pile, utilities and other waterside structures are often difficult to measure and assess.

Urban waterways present unique challenges to engineers due to the density and complexity of objects near the waterline.

Through the combined use of water-side and drone-based survey techniques, ASI can generate a seamless transition between landside and underwater survey data, such as side scan or multibeam sonar, magnetometer and EM (Electro-Magnetic).

Our survey techniques provide you a photorealistic representation that’s not just pretty to look at but contains real-world metrics, allowing you to make accurate measurements right from your desktop.  Models can be viewed through a web browser, the Autodesk Suite or your preferred CAD program.

Sites change over time.  With repeated visits, a historical database can be created to monitor trends.  A leaning seawall or sheet pile’s angle can be measured or conditional assessments can be made and monitored for change.

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UXO Survivor to Break-Dance Advocate

Oct 02, 2017

l just finished watching Ken Burn’s 10 episode documentary series on the Vietnam War. It was a tough watch. It has rekindled my determination to help rid Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam of the millions of unexploded bombs (UXO) that lie in wait; hidden in soils and rice paddies. It’s amazing that after all these years, they still accidentally detonate killing or maiming village children (mostly boys) and farmers.

Aqua Survey is pleased to announce the availability of a new UXO detection system called the EM61-LX2. It is the end product of seven years of collaborative research and development (Geonics/MMG/Aqua Survey). I have personally traveled to Laos 18 times to work on this project.

Why does the LX2 work so well?

It can detect a BLU-26 sub-munition cluster bomb (colloquially called a bombie in Lao) 75 cm below the sensor.

It filters out the background noise caused by the region’s magnetic soils allowing the UXO to be detected.

It is lightweight and reasonably priced.

It is simple to use.

-Ken Hayes, Aqua Survey Founder/President

Linked is a short video narrated by Garrett, depicting the perseverance of Pongsavath, a young man who had a cluster bomb detonate in his hands 8 years ago.

Pong and many other disabled, are the reason Aqua Survey has worked so hard to provide the villagers of Southeast Asia the LX2.

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